10 Pool Tile Designs for a Chic Swimming Pool

The pool tile is the foundation layer, which can make your swimming pools look more green or blue. The tile may only be visible up close or can be used as a decorative element that is visible from above.

For a seamless appearance, you can add contrasting border tiles around the edge. This will define the space between the pool and the surrounding . You can also add a border tile that contrasts with the pool to define the space between it and the patio or deck.

The pool tile ideas below will help you to create a pool that is both classic and modern depending on your setting.

1. Ornate Mosaic Tile

The pool of this Mediterranean style Miami Beach, FL house from _House of One has been tiled with shades of blue and embellished with mosaic tiles that give it an ornate feel.

2. Patterned Tile

This backyard pool features patterned black and white tile that is used on the backsplash, exterior wall, and interior of the space. It softens and enhances the contemporary design and provides a background for a water feature.

3. Checkerboard Pool Tile

The pool of this colorful Modernist home in Miami Beach FL, from house of One, has a midcentury checkered tile design. It gives the pool a playful feel.

4. Black Edging

The pool’s slim backsplash was then edged with a black border that contrasts with the patio and complements the outdoor furniture. To give the space a sleek contemporary look, we edged the thin pool backsplash with black borders that contrast with the patio and complement the outdoor furnishings and accessory.

5. Contrasting Tile Border

This private backyard in Southern California uses square Fireclay terracotta tiles to border this above ground pool, surrounded by plants.

6. Vivid Blue Pool Tiles

This elegant Long Island, NY outdoor area was lined with vibrant blue tiles to complement the waterfront setting. The patio also features lush planting. Living privacy walls are created by the large hedges surrounding and the large white column arbor.

7. Diamond-Pattern Pool tiles

This courtyard’s pool is lined in large-scale diamond-patterned tiles in shades of deep green. The pale contrast edging compliments the smooth patio pool and contrasts the terracotta colored stone walls.

8. Inside Out Mosaic Tile

This pool has a mosaic tiled interior that is carried out to the exterior, giving it a unique texture. The patio, with its warm stone and cement surfaces, contemporary planters, and warm food fence, also adds texture.

9. Turquoise Pool Tile + Terracotta Patio

The turquoise color contrasts with the soft terracotta patio tiles and orange .The soft terracotta tiles on the patio and the orange paint color in the house contrast with the turquoise.

10. Soothing Blue Tiles

This large Palm Springs backyard uses soothing blue tiles that reflect the sky. They maintain a minimalist look that compliments the concrete conversation area.