15 Small Swimming Pools with Big Style

You have a small yard but you can’t shake the idea of a pool. You can still enjoy a swimming pool, even if you have a small lot. Just be creative with the size and shape. There are many names for small pools: plunge pools. cocktail pools. wading pool. Some pools are placed aboveground while others have eye-catching details like built-in ledges and fountains.

 1. Spa Days

This style of small pool is kidney-shaped and also features a small spa. Jets are often used to relieve sore muscles.

 2. Wonderful Waterfall

The spa area of this pool has a waterfall feature, which adds a touch of character to the yard. The pool’s perimeter is made up of grass rather than concrete. This is more common in backyards of the Northeast.

 3. Enjoy the Resort Feeling

This kidney shaped pool is made to look extra resort-like with the cascading water. The pool’s seating allows swimmers to relax and enjoy the water even when they aren’t doing laps.

 4. Strictly square

When surrounded with elegant stonework, a square-shaped pool looks simple and timeless. A flagstone patio looks classic and welcoming.

 5. By the Beach

This small pool is located at the very edge of the property. It’s the last stop before the beach. The ocean view is available to swimmers without the need to walk through sand.

 6. Nice and Sleek

A modern backyard has a rectangular pool with an integrated spa. This contemporary backyard is enhanced by a tiled border that complements the bright color of the water.

7. Pure Elegance

This geometric-shaped pool looks elegant and stately when surrounded by grass.

 8. Above Ground Ambiance

A above-ground pool is a great addition to any backyard. Its built-in bench and cushions make it possible to relax outside at any time of the day. This arrangement allows those outside the pool to converse with those in the water. It is a great setup for large groups or entertaining.

 9. Classic Kidney

This backyard features a simple kidney-shaped pool. This shape makes it easy to distinguish between the shallow and deep areas of a pool.

 10. Sitting Pretty

This small pool is flanked by a chic bistro table, which makes it easy for to enjoy a drink and sit near before taking a dip.

11. Dreamy Fountains

This pool is made extra special by the addition of stunning fountains. The sprinklers will be a hit with kids who will try to reach them. Adults will also enjoy the tranquility this feature offers.

 12. Neat and Narrow

This pool is long and narrow. This pool is the perfect addition to a minimalist, modern home.

 13. Tiles for privacy

The tiled wall adds style and privacy to this backyard swimming pool. Blue tiles are a popular choice for swimming pools because they blend in so well with the water.

14. Lake Overlook

This L-shaped swimming pool looks out over a Minnesota Lake. The pool is raised high enough to allow swimmers to enjoy the magnificent views of Lake Minnetonka.

15. Sequence of steps

This pool has plenty of steps that will help both older children and younger ones get into the water. The pool is divided into sections that allow the entire family to enjoy splashing around.