12 Above-Ground Swimming Pool Ideas to Beautify your Swimming Spot

Look at these above ground pool ideas to make your pool more functional, relaxing and fun. You’ll find a lot of great ideas for creating a sophisticated area for adults or a pool-party for kids.

Some of these ideas can be done by you, while others may need a little more help. These ideas will inspire you to add a little pizzazz to your pool area.

1. Small Spaces, High Style

Even the smallest and most unusual backyards can accommodate an above-ground swimming pool. This elevated backyard has a slope, is smaller than the traditional backyard but makes efficient use of space. The tiled pool is easily accessible via a narrow wood walkway. It’s also a great place to enjoy the surrounding views.

2. Colorful Mural

Add color and privacy to your above-ground swimming pool with a colorful wall mural. The metal has been hung with a wooden framework and then a primer was applied. The simple mural was then painted. The space is completed with modern pool loungers, potted cacti and potted cacti.

3. A Backyard Getaway

The stonework on this semi-above-ground pool resembles an Italian villa. The large potted plant that surrounds the pool, as well as the water feature will help you escape without ever leaving your backyard.

4. Plunge Pool Dreams

A lush palm tree, vines and lush greenery surround her above-ground plunge swimming pool. Unique light fixtures illuminate the pool and chairs nearby.

5. Modern Getaway

This upgrade for an above-ground swimming pool will take your breath away. The cedar deck surrounds the above ground pool. The lounger cushions add a splash of color to the overall relaxing atmosphere.

6. Pool Water Feature

A beautiful above-ground swimming pool can be used as a garden feature. This above-ground swimming pool has a large water feature and a stone façade, as well as plants, lighting, and large round steppingstones.

7. Paver Deck

This above-ground pool is located in a corner and has an unusual deck made of pavers. You can enter and exit the swimming pool via a wooden walkway. Mulch and a variety of plants surround the pool. This is a relaxing place to swim.

8. Pool Skirt

pool skirts will make your above-ground swimming pool look stylish. These skirts are made to fit a wide range of pool sizes.

9. Backyard Fun

This backyard is a lot of fun! A pool with pavers and gravel is surrounded by a stone pathway that leads to the house. The back porch features seating and a barbecue. It looks like it’s ready to have some fun!

10. Surrounded by Nature

What a gorgeous setting for an above-ground pool! Around the pool, there are beautiful flowers and large trees. Some landscaping involves a path that leads into and out of the swimming pool.

11. Room for Lounging

This design is perfect for those who want plenty of space to lounge around their above-ground pool. There is room for chairs, artwork, an umbrella and even a light. There are also towel racks and benches.

12. Perfect for a Night Swim

You can swim at night in your backyard pool because it is always open. The backyard pool has a large deck, built-in benches, lounge chairs, and a gazebo that features hanging string lights. You can swim at any time of the day or night.