Living room trends for 2023: the latest looks to transform your living space

Living room trends are a great way to get started in decorating your living space. The living room is a place where the entire family spends a lot of time. It can be used as a relaxing area, an entertainment zone or even a homeschooling space at a moment’s notice.

To help you put together your ideas for living rooms, we spoke to brand and design experts to find out what will be popular in 2023. From colours and materials to furniture and flooring to colours and colours.

We’re now seeing many interior trends that are adventurous and daring for the coming year. These include global influences, which act as an escapism, and nature, which is a constant source of comfort and continuity.

Pink living room with yellow carpet, sofa and ottoman

Trends for living rooms in 2023

Marianne Shillingford is the Creative Director of Dulux.

It has become a gallery showcasing our lives, with comfortable furniture and accessories that are comforting and cozy. Most importantly, it doesn’t look the same as anyone else’s.

Our round-up of living room trends will give you all the inspiration to revamp your home. Whether it’s by redefining an entire space using on-trend colors and investing in the best sofas for this season, or upgrading soft furnishings, we have the ideas that will help.

1. Art of display

Glass fronted cabinet in front of white and cobalt blue wall

Displaying our (curated), wares rather than tidying up is one of the trends that will be big in 2023. Display cabinets, sideboards and living-room shelving ideas can be used to display collectibles. They also give your home a personal touch. They are also easy to update all year round.

This is our way of creating a’shop window’ to display who we are. We can create our own vignettes in the home and change them as the mood takes us. This is especially appealing to renters who have limited options for personalizing their rental homes.


2. Nature is a great source of inspiration

living room painted in Dulux colour of the year wild wonder

The Biophilia Trend is set to grow in 2023, particularly for living room designs with open plan.

We are now fully aware of the benefits of living closer to nature, from mental health and wellbeing to more sustainable choices. As a result, we’ll see an increase in the use of nature-inspired colours, like Dulux Color of the Year 2023 Wild Wonder, which is designed to lift us up and make us feel at one with nature, says Marianne, from Dulux.

Flowers are the new high and plants the new pets. They will help us balance the demands of the fast-paced digital world with our need for peace, stability and tranquility.

If you want to add a glamorous touch to this trend, it’s possible.

Lauren, from DFS, says that a new trend we call Nature Luxe will be influenced by the natural world, with neutral greens, organic textures like boucle and imperfect metallics, as well as organic forms.

The overall feeling is exclusive and grounded, with a boutique-like feel that mimics a high-end hotel or members’ club. Biophilic design has been taken to a new level.


3. Boucle texture is a great way to add some texture

Boucle armchair in white room

This nubby fabric trend started in 2020 and is not going anywhere in 2023. Choose a statement piece in boucle fabric, such as a sofa, or Otis accent chair,You can also try a textured pillow to get a taste of the trend.

Neutral Living Room Ideas are a trend that homeowners with children and pets might not want to embrace. Velvet is another fabric that will not be leaving our living rooms anytime soon.


4. Velvet is still the king of fabrics

Blue living room with velvet armchair and graphic rug

Since a few years, velvet sofas are a big seller. It’s rare to see a living room that doesn’t have one.

Velvet is not going out of style in 2023. It is just a new twist on the popular boucle fabric.

Statement velvet sofas are a great focal point in any room. Adding modern touches like chesterfield buttons, scalloped shapes, or fluting to these pieces can make them more appealing.

A velvet sofa will bring vibrancy and colour to your living room. If you are not yet ready to make the plunge, then a glamorous lighting fixture or velvet cocktail chair will be able to update your living room at a reasonable price.


5. Blue shades

Turquoise living room with blue armchair, white coffee table and painted shutters

Blue is a colour that will be seen in many living rooms in 2023. It was Dulux’s Colour of the year for 2022. (Check out their shade below.) It is a shade that you can live with, and Blue sofa living room ideas will definitely be one to look at.

The colour blue is one that requires little to no adjustment to our eyes, creating a sense restfulness and harmony within the home. It is vibrant and adds more energy to a room than a traditional neutral shade.

Sky blue, with its soothing effect, is already being used in living rooms and bedrooms.

Electric blue, on the other hand, is a vibrant shade that can really liven up an area. This color is perfect for small areas, such as doorways and painted ornaments.


6. Goodbye accent, Hello framing

White door with dark green border painted on surrounding wall

Paint framing is the new way of using paint in 2023.

This technique allows us to connect with nature and the landscape while bringing it into the home.

We are not renovating in 2023. Instead, we will be focusing on creating a beautiful and amazing home that is affordable.

You can frame your windows and door by painting your inside window with a colour that contrasts your wall color. The same can be done for picture rails and door frames. This will really bring out the main features of a room.


7. Muted graphics

Jewel toned living room with navy and green wall and deep red sofa

The muted graphics trend simplifies the concept and allows for a scheme that is both livable and incorporates graphic patterns.

Use mixed materials in a graphic scheme and on a smaller scale to create a mood-boosting and cohesive space. Use simple design tricks like panelled walls and graphic wallpapers to frame a statement sofa.


8. Dopamine: A dopamine dose

Pink living room with yellow carpet, sofa and ottoman

Brights are back. Get ready to bring colour and personality into your home, from floor to ceiling!

Colour is the key when it comes to 2023’s living room trends. In 2022, the walls and ceilings were painted in the same colour. For 2023, we add vibrancy to our floors.

This is then layered with a joy when you see colours and patterns mixed in a way that’s so clever it makes your heart sing. We all get a mental boost when we experience something new, different or unexpected.