7 Items for Home Decor You Should Buy Whenever You Shop at Thrift Stores

It’s always a great method to find stunning home products for a fraction of cost of retail. If you’re trying to save money this year, continue reading to find a list of the top things to search for when you shop, as per the people who collect secondhand. While browsing be aware that there are a myriad of ways to transform items into new objects, too. “If you’re interested in DIY then think about what it could be,” Kapris Castillo, of The Building Castillos says. “Sometimes it requires a thorough cleaning, a fresh paint color, or even using it to make it distinctive and unique to your. I’ve used wooden bed risers to make candles!”

You’re feeling more inspired to go out and find some thrifted goods? Here’s some things to look for at your local thrift store.

1. Candlesticks

Makenzie Ervin, from Kenzie Marie Home is known to look for antique brass candlesticks while thrifting. Be aware that even more tarnished items are able to be revived by a little TLC. “One thing that I have in my your mind that brass naturally has a patina that can always be cleaned by using Brasso or any other polish for brass,” Ervin says. Castillo is a lover of everything brass, and it’s something she frequently seeks out at thrift shops. “A small piece of brass can transform the look of any room.”

2. Books

The purchase of books should not eat up your budget. The thrift store is an ideal place to buy books for entertainment as well as decoration reasons. “Even even with Etsy and the other discount book websites that are available getting beautiful hardbacks in particular colors can be expensive,” Kate Dreyer, of Kate Decorates, declares. “That’s why I spend all the an hour in the section for books at every thrift store I frequent, and take the jackets off and examining whether the binding matches the exact color I’m looking for.” As Dreyer points out that thrift store books typically are priced at a few dollars.

3. Glassware

There’s no reason to spend money on wine glasses that cost around just $10 each when you can get an elegant set for only several dollars. “Crystal or cut-glass coupes, tumblers as well as wine stems, are also important items for me,” Amy Hughes, stylist and the owner of Maplewood Mercantile tells. “The aisles are brimming with the stuff, and prices start at around $0.50 for a glass!” Hughes provides a useful tip to make sure you don’t bring home a damaged or broken piece. “Check the glass for cracks by lightly applying a finger to the base and rim of the glass” she advises. “I’ve not yet scratch myself, and I’ve done this over the a long time.”

When looking to purchase glassware Be aware that it’s beneficial to get one or two glasses to be prepared. “Look for sets that are complete, such as eight, four, six and more” Hughes says. “But make sure you grab the straggler that matches to protect against a breakage in the future.”

4. Wooden Bowls

Castillo always gravitates toward wooden dining sets at the thrift shop. “The price of anything made from wooden is so expensive that if I spot it at a thrift shop and I see it, it’s placed into my basket,” she says. “I always come across large wooden trays, bowls, or salad dishes.”

5. Furniture

The wood furniture is a hot item this year and it is easy to enjoy this trend without spending a fortune. One of the most frequently used thrift stores is furniture made of solid wood. Even a worn-out piece could be a great investment. “I be aware that the stain and paint can be replaced at any time, however if the construction is sturdy, it’s an amazing item,” Ervin says. “I certainly offer my flips of furniture a thorough clean-up and wipe-down before bringing them inside And of course, sanding removes any gunk that might be in the piece.”

Serena Appiah, of Thrift Diving is a fan of looking for furniture made of wood and metal cabinets while thrifting. “When buying furniture made of wood be sure to look for furniture that is heavy that are more likely when it comes to pieces made of solid wood rather than cheap particle boards,” she says. “You can also distinguish high-quality furniture from cheap by looking at the joints of drawers. If they’re constructed with dovetails it’s a high-quality piece of furniture.”

If you are shopping to buy furniture, make sure to look it over before you bring it home. Look for any signs of damage or bugs which could impact the durability of the furniture. “Bring a flashlight while shopping and check for black or red staining on the furniture, especially in the crevices, on the backside, seams, and on wood frames” Castillo suggests. Sarah Hidalgo, of her Story Retold offers valuable tips for locating bugs in furniture that you find at thrift stores: “Steam cleaning or vacuuming can only eliminate insects on the surface; they could get deep into the upholstery, so make sure you examine every crevice and crack and check for indications of the material.”

6. Vases

Vases are one of her preferred items to find while shopping for thrift. “Thrift stores are full of vase, and you’ll be amazed by the kinds you’ll find and pay very little,” she says.

7. Frames and artwork

Unique artwork does not have cost you a fortune. “Big Box stores sell mass-produced art that a lot of people are able to display in their homes” Hidalgo says. “Thrift stores have unique and original art pieces. Artwork that is unique will always be a talking point when relatives and friends visit as well.”

Do not be reluctant to purchase the frame of a piece that requires a bit of love. You could easily make it look better at home. “It is only a couple of minutes to wash the frame,” Castillo says. “Feel at ease using brushes and paint to practice your painting skills and to add color to your artwork that complements your personal style.”