Indoor Swimming Pools Ideas that Make a Splash

Indoor pools can be used at any time, day or night. You can enjoy a swim in the privacy of a climate-controlled environment that is protected from the elements. It will also save you from the hassle of outdoor pool maintenance, such as cleaning up leaves and other debris.

Some indoor pools can be connected to the main living area by sliding glass doors or glass walls. Some indoor pools are located in basements of city apartments and townhomes. Large residential properties can have standalone pools that are located next to the main house. These may also include showers, spas, bars, entertainment areas, and entertainment areas.

You can decorate and design your indoor pool to match the style of your house, whether you want to convert a room into an indoor pool, add an extension to your house, or build a freestanding indoor swimming pool. It may be that you want to seamlessly integrate an indoor pool into your home’s interior design so that it looks just as stylish as the other rooms. It may be a matter of adding contrast through the use of different materials, finishes and styles. Or, it could mean adding a modern swimming pool to a historic home.

These indoor swimming pool designs come in different sizes and styles. They will help you create your indoor oasis.

1. Embrace Japanese Minimalism

The pool is part of an art gallery, gym, spa and pool house complex. It was designed and inspired by Japanese minimalism. The decor includes custom doors, Venetian walls, shoji screens and a shower with a teak slatted drainage detail.

2. Modernize the Mediterranean

Geddesulinskas architects, based in San Francisco, built a modern swimming pool building to complement an historic Mediterranean-style house.  despite the modern design of the building, the metalwork and plaster, as well as the stone, were designed to complement the historic main home. The pool building is connected to the courtyard that leads into the main house by stacking doors. The lounge at the end pool building offers a wide view of San Francisco Bay and mood lighting that changes colors.

3. Line it with Windows

The light, airy pool offers the best of both the worlds. It is protected from the weather to make maintenance easier and can be used in any type of weather. But it also has wrap-around glass windows that offer a view of greenery on the other side. The space is lit well at any time of the day or night with a skylight, and even wall sconces.

4. Keep it Front and Center

The luxurious Sea Cliff pool house in New York is not an afterthought. It’s a part of the home, and it functions as the central artery. It connects to the living room on the first floor, with a loft above.

5. Create a Destination

The pool house is not just a place for a quick dip. It’s also a stunning destination, complete with warm lighting.

6. Add Mood Lighting

The indoor pool in Paris features graphic wall tiles and an LED ceiling lighting feature. A row of tropical plants are placed in rustic pots in varying sizes to create a lush, earthy contrast with the sparkling pool water. LED pillar candle hurricane lanterns placed around the pool provide ambient light, perfect for late-night swimming.

7. Install Decorative Ceiling Beams

The combination lounge and pool area is warmed by a row pendant lanterns that feature flame bulbs.

8. Add a French touch

The house features an elegant indoor pool built to complement the French Country Chateau style. It is also part of a wellness center that has a heated pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam room, gym and saline shower.