15 budget-friendly above-ground swimming pool decor ideas

Above ground pools can be a cheaper alternative to permanent in-ground swimming pool options. However, the price of decking for these pools can quickly add up. These decks were designed to blend the above-ground pools into the landscape, creating a seamless appearance. However, some of the more complex designs can cost as much as an in-ground pool.

There are above ground pooldecks that can save you money and time without sacrificing design or letting the pool look like it belongs in the yard. Here are 15 budget-friendly above-ground swimming pool decks, ranging from pea gravel and artificial turf to wood and vinyl.

1. Build Just Enough Decking

This tank pool is stylish and uses sleek black decking around the rear. Saved a lot of money, Easy DIY. They also left one side open to accommodate the “No Diving Sign”.

2. Put down pea gravel

The pool is surrounded by pea gravel, which allows for drainage. The modern outdoor furniture by the pool is a perfect match for this.

3. The Pool Framed with Tile

The blue color of the pool is echoed by the mosaic tiles that cover this inflatable pool above ground. This is a stylish look that’s affordable when you keep it to smaller sizes.

4. Combine Stone and Wood

The shallow pool is modern with its pea gravel platform and wooden platforms. The low-profile makes it look like the pool has just popped out of the ground.

5. Classic Wood Decks are a great choice

Wood decks can be installed at a lower cost than vinyl or composite decks if you are willing to maintain them. The deck will need to be refinished and stained, but this is not a difficult task for those who are willing to do it.

6. The Partial Platform must be matched to the Deck

The cost of a full platform is high, but it looks good when done in the same finish that the deck or pool surround. This monochromatic, cohesive look is not as budget-friendly as it appears.

7. The Deck can be integrated into your existing deck

You can save money on your pool deck by pulling the pool up to the existing deck. This will save you from having to build a new deck and give your pool an infinity look.

8. Stay Small

When you use a small , you can still afford high-end finishes. The size of this pool makes it feel luxurious, but the cost isn’t prohibitive.

9. Place the pool on a platform

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a pool in the middle landscape, sitting on a wood platform. It feels like it just appeared out of nowhere. It’s also less expensive than building a deck attached to an existing outdoor area.

10. Poured concrete is a great alternative to traditional concrete

Concrete has proven to be one of the best materials for pool decking. This above-ground swimming pool, although it may have been built on a larger budget, uses budget-friendly materials. The design is the main factor in determining how much it will cost.

11. Keep it Simple

This example, while not demure at all, demonstrates one of the most effective ways to reduce costs: Keep it simple. Keep it simple, don’t mix up materials or get too fancy. You’ll be able to keep your costs down.

12. Rubberized Tile

Interlocking non-slip pool tiles offer a cost-effective and practical option for pool decking. They also allow for water drainage, which helps to keep your pool in good working order. This results in lower maintenance costs.

13. Select a Simple, Classic Wood

The look of a camp is perfect for nostalgia, and also the most affordable way to decorate your pool deck. This deck is built around an above-ground pool to blend it into the landscape.

14. Spend a lot of money on a small area

The cost of installing tile is high, but it can make your pool look more luxurious. The same effect can be achieved without spending a lot of money on large tiles. This pool is magazine-worthy with just the immediate tiled surround. The rest of the deck can be done in wood at a budget-friendly price.

15. Drop it into the Deck

Give an above ground pool an integrated look by cutting a section of your deck that perfectly matches it, and then dropping the pool into place. This gives the appearance of an in-ground pool without the cost.