Six Great Home Projects to Try This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to tackle projects that will increase your enjoyment of the good weather. It’s also a great time to prepare your home for fall and winter, as well as the chill that comes with them. Summer is the best time to tackle projects that will enhance your enjoyment of the nice weather. It’s also the perfect time to prepare your home for the fall and Winter and the chill they bring. Choose from this summer’s crop of home improvement projects: You’ll be able to complete a variety of easy-to-complete projects that will increase the value of your house.

1. How to Build a Porch Swing

Enjoy your summer on the front porch, with a cool beverage and a dog by your side. Keep an eye on the kids who are running through sprinklers. Porch swings are the perfect perch to do this.

This project is easy to build and requires only basic tools and inexpensive materials. Even the chains can be purchased in sets designed specifically for porch swings. This eliminates the need to cut metal. You can have your porch swing set up in no time if you have a porch ceiling that is strong enough to hold the weight of both the swing and the users.


2. Design a Paver Patio

Create and install your own paver Patio to get ready for summer fun. Precast concrete pavers can be cheaper and easier to install than a concrete slab patio. They are also faster than laying individual bricks. Plus, they feel more organic than other patio options.

The materials used for hardscaping are usually inexpensive. They include crushed stone or paver bases, paver sands, landscape fabric and edging. Polymeric sand, dampened by a hose and swept between pavers, hardens into a mortar-like joint.


3. Replace Your Front Door

Replace your home’s exterior door, especially if the drafty one is a problem. This project requires that the front door be left open to the weather for a few days. In the summer, you won’t have to worry about bad weather driving you inside. The cost of replacing your door is worth it. It can increase your home’s value, comfort and curbside appeal.


4. Paint Your Countertops

Replacing kitchen and bath countertops is a costly proposition. The affordable alternative? It is possible to paint your countertops as a temporary solution. This will last for several years before you need to replace them.

Oil-based polyurethane is required to paint countertops. While water-based paints can be tolerated in enclosed spaces, they emit an unpleasant smell. Not only that but extensive sanding of the countertops is required to prepare them for the paint.

It’s the perfect time of year to paint your counters. You can use a house fan to blow dust and fumes out of the house.


5. Install an Air Conditioner on a Casement or Slider Window

Install a window unit air conditioner in your slider window or a data-component. Install a window-mounted air conditioner to provide relief from the high temperatures outside.

Window unit air conditioners are easy to install and purchase for homeowners with vertically sliding double-hung or single-hung windows. Air conditioners for casements and slider windows that move horizontally are more expensive and require more installation effort. This project is worth it, as you can work on other projects outside while the temperatures are high.


6. Insulate Your Crawl Space

Insulate your crawl space to prepare your home for the cool months ahead. The summer is the ideal time to tackle this project as you have the time and the weather will be cooperative.

Installing crawl space insulation properly helps control mold, mildew, and moisture. It also keeps your upper floors warm and maintains the health and integrity of your foundation.