17 fun ideas for a stylish (and practical!) Bathroom for Kids

kids bathroom design ideas

There’s something wonderful about creating an area for children that gives you a open for you to explore your creativity expression. From imaginative rooms for play to romantic bedrooms there’s nothing more rewarding than bringing out big-eyed wonder in pint-sized individuals. Are you looking to bring the same fun-loving energy to your kid’s bathroom?

It’s important to ensure that it’s functional and durable before all else, but adding lots of fun and child-friendly design is always a good idea. We’re here to assist you get there! Take one of these ideas from the designer designs of kid’s bathrooms to create the most stylish bath you’ve ever seen.


1. Highlight Cheeky Information

kids bathroom decor ideas

A lot of themeing in a room for children is a sure way to make sure that you’re decorating it within a couple of years However, this doesn’t mean a few clever, playful touches aren’t necessary to make the space feel youthful and enjoyable.

2. Create an Unexpected Pop of Color

kids bathroom ideas

Color and kids have a lot in common So it’s no surprise that areas devoted to children are more vibrant than those for adults. In order to bring that excitement of the rainbow to the bathroom, you can consider including a surprising splash of color to the finish or fixture, such as the sink with a emerald green color in this bathroom that was that was designed.

3. Put Up a Playful Wallpaper

kids bathroom wallpaper ideas

A sure-fire method to make the bathroom of a tiny child sing? Include the pattern! Here’s a sketch-inspired design that is paired with white and blue hues in this cheerful bathroom .

4. Add an unexpected element

krystal matthews kids bathroom

Let yourself be a part of the fun spirit of childhood by adding a few surprising design details. A vintage oil portrait was hung of a boy on the wall in front of the window. Plus, it adds an additional layer of privacy without the trouble (or price) for window treatment.

Consider the Layout

kids bathroom design

If you’re beginning your bathroom with a new layout, you’ll have an opportunity to make sure your kids’ bathrooms function at their peak. Are you a parent with more than one child? Get rid of morning fights prior to school by organizing the space with a separate washroom as shown in this fun-filled room that was created .

6. Setup Colorful Tile

kids bathroom design

If you’ve ever wanted to play with bold tiles, this is the time to do it. Our tip? Combine a bright color with a classic shape (like the subway tile Pepto-pink found in this bath) for the space to grow with the changing seasons.

Be Clean

kids bathroom ideas

It’s a fact that children can be messy. To avoid spending hours every week trying to scrub the bathroom clean, go for a seamless tile like the bright hexagon penny tiles that are featured in this area. It will not only protect the bathroom from the effects of water and spills but it makes every corner — from the walls, to the shower and floor to scrub clean.

8. Lay Down a Fun Rug

kids bathroom decor

Bathrooms could get a dose of softness in a huge way. That definitely applies in the case of children playing around (and complaining about the cold). Give your bathroom for kids an elegant and comfortable makeover by placing an extra-soft rug.

Include a place to Primp

interior photographs of a bathroom designed by vidal design in manhattan beach for house beautfiul's botm column ref id t12553

Talk about a teenager’s dream. This space is a riot of energy and has everything a couple of teenagers would require to prepare for school or to wind down to relax in the evening, with two sinks, as well as a comfy bench for when arm workouts get exhausting.

10. The Classics can get an upgrade

kids bathroom design

It’s a popular belief that if you want to cater to children, you must put off any expensive upgrade to avoid getting damaged. But, there’s a good reason that this could not be any further than the reality. Today, we have an array of products that look as stunning as they are sturdy which makes them an excellent upgrade for your hard-working children bathroom. A prime example? This tranquil space, which the designer decorated with a stunning emerald Quartzite for her two children to take pleasure in.

11. Let Pattern to the floor

kids bathroom design ideas

When you design a children’s bathroom take it in the form of an encasement of sorts where any item is acceptable, including gingham flooring.

12. Hang Vibrant Art

kids bathroom decor

Every room can benefit from the transformational power of art, not just a space that is as functional as bathrooms. To enhance your child’s bathroom, you should focus on choosing an appealing and captivating piece of art to add a splash of color. This is especially beneficial in bathrooms with no windows which are deficient of luminosity.

Lean into Luxury

kid bathroom ideas

Privacy is given a stylish twist in this look . A set of shower curtains and an upholstered “valance”–finished with cute fringed pom-poms — keep things lively anduseful and ensure that the safety of more than one child to be in the bathroom at any one time.

Add a few unanticipated twists

kids bathroom ideas

The creation of a magical kid’s room is a part of function and one aspect of excitement. Make sure to surprise and delight your clients with some surprising aspects, such as playful light fixtures or knobs for cabinets fashioned in the style of their favourite game. With color-changing lights that transform the white walls into a beautiful shade of pink cotton candy.

Try it out! Timeless

pink children's bathroom

If you’re designing for kids choosing a style that is able to evolve with children is crucial. This space offers an excellent lesson in the right way. Blush pink makes things simple and elegant, whereas the durable quartz counter can hold its own against the rigors of wear and tear from lipstick smudges and toothpaste smudges streaks.

16. Spend a lot with Luxe Linens

kids bathroom design

Everyone deserves a relaxing shower experience, even those who are under 10. Spend a few dollars on fluffy bathroom towels, or soft and comfortable hand towels for the bathroom of your children, like the gorgeous Missoni rainbow set pictured in this room. Watch how they transform into more receptive to their evening routine.

Go Family Style

bathroom ideas

Sometimes, bigger is always better. A good example? This huge utility sink that the home of a family with not just only one, but not two however, instead three faucets. In the end, nothing demonstrates the bond of a family quite as strongly group floss.