12 Pool Deck Ideas for Relaxing and Socializing

Now is the time to get out your sandals, beach towels and leave those winter coats behind. You can finally enjoy your backyard pool retreat with the warmer summer months to come. If you can’t take that summer vacation or you’ve promised to staycation more this year, you can make your backyard pool a great summer getaway with the right layout.

We explore our favorite pool deck designs, from traditional to contemporary, so you can enjoy relaxing days and fun gatherings throughout the season.

1. Boulder Border

A beautiful garden can be more important than having a larger pool deck that allows you to access the pool on all sides. We added a garden to two sides of the swimming pool to provide privacy, a cooling effect, and a habitat for wildlife. The boulder border around this pool is a great way to highlight the pool and provide a fun place to jump into.

2. Narrow but Efficient

This narrow pool deck makes efficient use of its space. The space can be brought together by adding a few pieces of furniture, an umbrella with a stylish tassel that provides shade, and an outdoor rug. The brick detailing on the flooring adds color and texture.

3. Pathway to the Pool

A simple white concrete path and large pavers create different zones around the backyard pool. Artificial turf is perfect for yard games if you need a break from the pool. A partially shaded cabana is also a great way to escape the sun.

4. Modern Pool Patio, Midcentury Modern

This partial white concrete breezeblock fence not only enhances the midcentury modern vibe in this backyard patio but also serves as a barrier for the poolside. The breeze blocks are used to ventilate the patio and balance the sun. This is a design element that is both beautiful and functional.

5. Black and White Pool Deck

The pool deck is equipped with everything you could possibly need, including outdoor seating and the soothing sounds of the three water features. The dark tiles that surround the spa and garden are the most striking feature. The contrast between the dark tiles and the rest of pool patio mirrors home’s exterior.

6. Anything But Square

The clean, polished look of this backyard is enhanced by the perfectly cut lawns and concrete pavers that surround this pool and spa. The outdoor space is given a relaxed feel with lounge chairs and a forest background.

7. A Perfect Backyard for Parties

This pool deck makes a great location for a backyard party. It has different areas to lounge and eat poolside, and a concrete deck with patches for grass to dry feet after a swimming.

8. Elevated Garden Design

A pool is an enjoyable backyard feature, however, what makes it inviting are the seating options, the shading options, and the beautiful gardens, which make you appreciate being outdoors. This backyard has all the elements that make a backyard enjoyable, from the elevated gardens to the covered seating areas.

9. Poolside in Cali

The pool deck was kept clean and simple because the roof pitch is a focal point in this home and backyard. The outdoor dining area has a simple, neutral flooring. The grass around the pool adds color.

10. Small but Functional Backyard

Even a small yard can offer all the features that you desire. The lounge chairs are perfect for sunbathing while the herringbone brick pattern on the deck provides a place to sit in the shade. The small wild garden divides the two areas, making the backyard appear larger.

11. A Spot to Dip your Feet

This outdoor space will make you want to spend more outside than inside. The bamboo deck with its two round daybeds is the best place in this backyard. The deck extends over the swimming pool, making it the perfect place to dip your feet during hot summer days.

12. Poolside Dining

This large outside kitchen offers plenty of space for gatherings to enjoy a meal poolside. The gray stone tiles anchor the area, while a half-glass wall separates the eating area from the rest the pool deck. This adds safety and style without sacrificing safety.