Reveal the sofa colors to avoid and those you’ll regret

Reveal which sofa colors to avoid and what to choose instead for a timeless, classic look.

You should invest in a good sofa for your home. It is a key piece of furniture for your living room.

Sofa colours to avoid

Experts from our favourite sofa brands have told us which colours and styles to avoid to ensure you don’t fall victim to fading trends and stick to something timeless as a idea for your living room.

1. Cool greys

small white living room with grey corner sofa a wall TV and chrome floor lamp

Grey couch living room ideas are timeless due to their versatility. However, people are turning away from cooler tones.

Cool greys, from a trends perspective aren’t quite as popular as before. Grey sofas were the standard for neutral colour schemes for a few years. However, colour palettes are changing and earthy tones have become more popular.

2. Ultra-minimalism

white living room with white sofa and blinds

We’re not against neutral ideas for living rooms but we do think that a certain version has a limited lifespan. It is minimalism at its extreme, with harsh whites and lighter shades.

The ultra-minimalist designs, loved by Kim Kardashian and others, go one step further by using the same color for everything, from the wall paint to the couch, the entire room is one shade.

It’s not easy to live with a theme that is so controlled. Some might say it’s avant garde, while others may think it’s lacking in personality and life.

Black and white living room with black framed windows and white sofa

Sofa colours you can choose instead

You can embrace timeless living room ideas in many different ways, depending on your taste.

DFS Milani four-seater sofa in olive green

1. Blue and green jewel tones

DFS Izzie four-seater sofa in Forest Green boucle

Blue and green colours are timeless, so they’re a good choice for those looking to buy something that won’t go out of style.

Jewel tones can be used for upholstery because they are versatile, timeless and bold. They add a touch luxury to any room. Most popular are sapphire and emerald blues, which are both intense and deep hues that exude class and elegance.

These colors are a great way to add color and interest to any room, without making it look dated.


2. White or ivory

Arteriors x Laura Kirar Rondelle chandelier and Turner sofa

White or ivory is a sofa color that has stood the test of time. But we are not talking about the ultra-minimalist stark white.

These are ideal for creating classic minimalist schemes, but can also be accessorised for more transient styles such as the current trend of coast-style.

We’re also aware that bright and white sofas can make a living room appear larger . So, it’s no surprise that this is the best couch idea for small rooms.

3. Neutral colours (but add accessories to your home decor)

Sofology Ambleside 4 seater sofa

When in doubt, choose a neutral color scheme. You can always add textures, patterns and colours through accessories when the trends change.

Remember that neutral does not have to be a plain style. Styles with details such as buttons, curves or fluting will give your space character without overwhelming it.

4. After all, still grey

Sofology Majestica 3 seater corner sofa

Although we warn that cool greys are not the trend, they will always look great when styled correctly and paired up with warmer, cosier shades.

Grey is the most timeless color, along with blue and green. She explains that a grey couch can be easily incorporated into any style, and will let the other decor elements stand out.

It’s important to consider your personal tastes and what you’ll enjoy seeing every day in your home, regardless of whether or not the colour trend is popular.