Houseplants for living rooms – transform your home with stunning plants

Living room house plants are known for their health benefits. They also add life and vitality to any room.

Living Room Ideas is one of the most important spaces where we can make the best use of the amazing properties houseplants provide. Where do you begin? You can find many living room houseplants ideas that will inspire you on your journey to becoming a plant owner. From how to display the plants to which varieties are best for your space, there are plenty of options.

There’s never been a better time to begin your collection.

If you live in an area where there is not enough time to spend outdoors, or if you are a city dweller, adding plants around your home can help connect you with nature. If you want to awaken your inner gardener, then creating a dedicated space for your plants can make it easier and more manageable.

Living room houseplants

Houseplant Ideas can be beneficial for purifying the air. They also help to improve mindfulness when caring for them. Even though some plants are low-maintenance, they require a little care to maintain them.

There are many different varieties. Some prefer shade and require little water, while others need a lot of sun. There are houseplants which are difficult to kill, so they are a good place to start if you are not a great plant parent.

1. Add texture to your scheme with these.

grey living room with tongue and groove walls, cream sofa, rattan side table, baskets, artwork, plants, textured cushions, rug, vases

Plants are extremely versatile and can add a lot of texture to your home. You can choose plants with different leaf shapes, such as chunky and variegated, thin and wispy or large plates.

Pots and planters can also add texture to your space. Think rattan baskets or concrete containers.

2. Give them their own space

open plan living room space with plants under stairs on console table, various pots, hanging plants, rug, coir pouffe, stone floor

A console table or bench that is dedicated to your houseplants can be a wonderful idea. You can store your favorite green-fingered book underneath and group them all together.

Houseplants are more than just a pretty addition to your home. They have been proven to improve health and wellbeing by purifying the air and lifting your mood. Houseplants can be more than just a beautiful addition to the home. They have proven benefits for health and well-being by purifying air and improving your mood.

3. Transform your living space into a botanical paradise

botanical living room with white sofa, botanical print armchair, botanical prints on walls, white low coffee table, succulents, shelving unit with books, vases and plants

Let’s be honest, if houseplants are your new hobby, then embrace the theme of botanicals in all its forms. Artwork with delicate patterns, cushions in leafy prints and a green textured carpet will make your living room the perfect place to start adding houseplants.

Consider displaying your plants in an updated way for a contemporary living room. Terrariums can be a good way to begin. You could start by using a clear vase and adding pebbles, soil, or moss. Check that the plant is terrarium-friendly before you add it. Add sphagnum as a decorative element.

4. Add trailing plants in a storage unit

living room with metal and wood storage unit, books, ornaments and plants on it, wooden figures, plant on side

Storage is a necessity, especially for living rooms. However, the angular shapes of these items can make them feel hard in comparison to curved sofas and armchairs. To soften this look, place a pot on the top shelf.

The unit will not only allow you to display personal belongings, but it also provides the perfect place for your plants without dominating the entire room.’  data-hl processed, hawklink The unit will not only allow you to showcase personal items, but also provide the perfect place for your plants to be housed without dominating the room.’

To add interest, add a few plants of different sizes to create levels. This will add drama and textural to the living area.

5. Display succulents in unusual containers

houseplants on a console with various potted plants, succulents in a galvanised display

Take succulents and Cacti, for example. You can then house them in interesting containers that enhance their shapes.

Find unusual containers and pots that are also three-dimensional. You can even find a custom made container to hold multiple pots of succulents on a console. They will look like works of art that you can display with pride.

6. Plants that match your scheme

green graphic curtains with stool with black vase and green class teacup and sauce, hanging houseplant

Choose prints and patterns that are in shades of green. This will ensure that any plants you purchase will match the colour. There’s nothing better than a little cohesion when it comes to creating a room with a cohesive design.

Try modern geometric designs to give your decor scheme a contemporary feel. For a living space, strong simple shapes in green, taupe and a brown palette will compliment house plants beautifully.

7. Take it high and low

houseplant in a white living room, arched window, large and small plants in pots

You can display plants in two different ways. First, you can scatter them around in the living room. They could be placed next to the couch on the floor or on a mantle. Or, they could form a small trio on the coffee-table. You can also go all out and display them in a group.

To really make a statement and bring spring indoors, group houseplants in different sizes and arrange them in an open and bright area. A houseplant cluster is a great way to fill any empty corners and brighten up any room. You can also mix and match different plants for a unique display.

By layering plants with different textures and heights you can create an impressive effect.

8. Plants can be placed next to your sofa

white living room with green vintage style sofa, plants in pots, side tables, decorative cushions, blanket, botanical prints on wall, empty frames on wall, rug

Use the space next to your sofa to display your plants. Stands are great for placing the plants higher. You can place one on a table, and use the other as a display area. They can then be better integrated into your scheme than if you were to place them on a shelf.

The use of houseplants can bring nature into your home. We go a step further by adding furniture in a natural shade (we offer a wide range of greens) and a splash of color and pattern to complement a plant collection.

What is the best plant to use in a living area?

There are many living room plants ideas. You can narrow them down based on the amount of light in your room.

Snake plants are low-maintenance and will forgive you for forgetting to water them. Cascading Pathos look good on mantles or shelves. Kentia Palms like to be tall, and they can handle a South-facing room.

Plants can also add color. The Golden Petra’s leaves are a striking mix of yellow and red. You can find something to suit every living room size and style. Just make sure that you are able to meet the needs of your plant before you purchase.

What plants can I use in my living area?

It really comes down to personal preference. We are all attracted to certain colours, shapes and sizes, and this includes plants. You might love the trailing ditsy plants, like string of Pearls or the lush green foliage of a Yucca.

If this is your first time growing houseplants, you might want to start with small plants or low-maintenance succulents to add some life to your home.

Trailing plants are a great way to upgrade shelves and small spaces. They’re both attractive and cost-effective, so you can get maximum impact with less. Mix and match to create a shelfie that will make you smile and get you ready for 2023.

How can I decorate my living space with live plants?

We play with scale and colour, selecting prints and patterns which work well together. Our accessories are displayed in threes. Decorating your living room using live plants can be similar.

Our value houseplants can be grouped with flowering varieties and pots that complement each other for an organized look. You can display smaller plants on tables to make a bigger impact. This will save you money and allow you to create your own mini-jungle in your home.

You could also use a Phalaenopsis as the centrepiece of your arrangement and combine it with succulents and smaller plants for a striking effect. Orchids require little care. Just keep them at 15 degrees Celsius in a bright area away from direct sunlight, and mist it regularly.