12 Animal Stuffed Party Games

You can play this game at any gathering that has stuffed animals included, like an safari-themed birthday party or puppy-themed party or a teddy bear tea parties..

  • Locate the Spotted Puppy

    Perhaps you don’t have a plush spotted puppy toy. You could play Find the Black Cat, Find the Purple Giraffe, or you can know what you want to do. Select a stuffed animal you think is unique from the rest and place it within the party area. Also, hide a few other stuffed animals as well. Set a timer, and then challenge children to locate the unique animal before the time is up. They can collect other animals as they go but the game cannot be won unless the exact animal is located.

  • Stuffed Animal Musical Chairs

    Make your space to play Musical chairs. Children will play with their animal toys as they play. When the music ceases instead of sitting in chairs, they have to place their animals on them. Similar to the traditional game where the animal is not sitting is eliminated from the game.

  • Animal Perform it Out

    Put all the stuffed animals in the basket. Place the basket on the sofa or in a place that is not where the children are playing. At a at a time, participants must take the basket to shut their eyes, and take the animal out. After that, they have to be back in the room and behave as the animals (without using words) until someone can guess the animal’s name.

  • Animal Rescue

    Split the children into two teams, and then divide the stuffed animals in such a way that you get an equal amount for each team. The stuffed animals are placed in situations that they have to be saved (kitty in the tree, bear trapped in an enclosure, pig stuck between sofa cushions or a pig stuck between couch cushions, etc.). Each team must rescue the same number of animals. The team that is first to save all its pets wins.

  • Stuffed Animal Relay

    Divide the players into two teams. The kids should stand in a an order behind a starting line. Set up two piles of plush animals approximately 20 feet from the beginning point. When you announce, “Go!” the first child who are in line must sprint towards the pile, grab an animal toy and put it on their knees. They then have to sprint back to their respective teams, without dropping their animal. After they have returned and the next player must perform the same. Relay play continues until all animals have been taken care of. The team that finishes first the game wins.

  • Adopt an animal

    If you’re offering pets as favors for the party, you could make them part of this activity at the party where children can take their new pets home. If you don’t give toys it is possible to do this activity with pets that the children brought to the event. Place the animals in the basket (or create an area that will be the shelter for animals) with the sign “Adopt me.” Create adoption certificates that youngsters can sign by putting their name, name of the animal and a declaration that they will take care of their animal that they have rescued. Utilize a sticker or stamp to signify an “seal of acceptance” at the time that the adoption is completed.

  • Guess Which Animal

    Make sure you take all the animals that you’ve stuffed and put them in a big bag. Each at a time you can blindfold your participants and then have them reach inside the bag and pull out an animal of their choice. They’ll have a minute to touch the toy and then guess the type the animal is.

  • Airborne Animal

    The guests at the party should form the form of a circle. Pick one of the animals stuffed in the party and throw it into the air (in the middle of the circle). The players have to keep the animal in the air by throwing it around or batting it against each other. When the animal lands on the ground the player who threw it (or the person it falls the closest) is exiled.

  • Stuffed Animal Freeze Dance

    It’s similar to the traditional activity that is Freeze Dance, but with toys thrown in. Set some music on and let the children dance. While they dance throw one or two toys to the crowd. Children constantly throw them at one another while they dance. If the music stops, everyone is frozen. The ones who are in charge of the animals have been let out.

  • Animal Fashion Show

    Make a room with a variety of doll’s clothes and accessories. Children can dress their pets and display them in an event of fashion. Prizes are awarded for things such as cute, funny and most beautiful and more. You should have plenty of categories to ensure that everyone is eligible for prizes.

  • Find Your Toy Pal

    This game is suitable for events where children brought their own Teddy bears or other stuffed animals. Gather all of the animals and put them in a stack. Blindfold players so that they can pick the animal they want out of the stack.

  • Stuffed Animal Walk

    It is a game that is fun to play if you’re giving away stuffed animals for favors for the party. It’s similar to the game of cake stroll. The animals are numbered before drawing squares across the floor in order to create the shape of a circle (If you’re outside it is possible to make use of chalk. Inside, you can tape squares of paper on the ground). Label the squares. Have music playing and let the children walk across the squares. If the music stops and everyone is standing on a square that is numbered gets the stuffed animal that matches.