12 Decorative Ceiling Ideas that Stand Out

Look to your ceiling. Are you astonished by the plainness of it? painted in a basic white color? You can alter this, but don’t think the ceiling need been boring! Ceilings with decorative ceilings are all the rage lately and add an enthralling look to any room. If you’re trying to add some zing to your living area or bedroom, or even bathrooms, you should check out the stylish and creative ceiling decorating suggestions below. They all make an important assertion and show that there’s no reason to avoid wallpapers, paint, shiplap, and a lot more.

  • Keep It Scandinavian

    Simple wooden flooring gives an elegant Scandinavian style to this modern home. To draw attention to the ceiling you could consider putting up a stunning lighting fixtures such as the light shown here. It’s stylish and matches the style of your home beautifully.

  • Design Around Your Beams

    Of of course, beams do not have to be kept in their original state. Think about applying paint to them as well as adding wallpaper to them to add glam. This blue sky ceiling is a soothing accent to the bedroom.

  • Have Fun and Be Happi

    Let’s have some fun! This charming room has colorful and scalloped pieces It’s only natural that the ceiling has some zing also. Geometric wallpapers add further character to the room.

  • Create a luxurious look with Lacquer

    A lacquered ceiling such as this one is sultry and elegant. It’s an excellent occasion to experiment with color and make bold statements. This area is sure to be an absolute showpiece.

  • Say”Yes” to Shiplap

    Shiplap is still well-known and creates this open kitchen look much more spacious and inviting. You can paint the shiplap with the color of your choice however, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with white.

  • Mix It Up

    Mixing patterns is fine and, when the pattern displayed on your ceiling is somewhat different from what’s the floor, then so take it! Additionally, powder bathrooms like this one are about creating a unique design and trying something new and you’ll be able to easily separate them and away from your home, after all.

  • Wallpaper Just a Little

    Why wallpaper the complete ceiling when could just wallpaper a part of it? The rounded part of this high ceiling is given a bit of attention with the sweet starry wallpaper.

  • Green All Over the Place

    The bathroom in question is experiencing a huge green moment as is the ceiling, certainly taking part. Who would not want to be ready for the morning in such a lively welcoming room?

  • You can prioritize a specific portion of the food

    Again, we can have a tiny example that only a tiny part of the ceiling is covered in wallpaper. This turret-like space is decorated with a feminine wallpapers that really bring the space to life.

  • Go Rustic

    For those who love the design of the farmhouse This one is perfect for you. The wooden ceiling is weathered, giving this kitchen with rustic charm and is gorgeous and earthy, blending with the stone walls perfectly.

  • Tile It Up

    A stunning tile covering the ceilings of this formal living space brings the room to a new level by adding a sophisticated design that will surely be noticed by anyone who visits. The grand hall takes us back to times gone by.

  • Make use of Moody Blues

    Are you feeling a little dark? You can embrace it by playing with different shades of blue throughout your home. A blue ceiling that is muddled matches the walls, but it is not 100% matching.