How to create a winning combination of teal and gray living room ideas

Are you decorating your living space? You’re probably looking for a scheme that is both stylish and calming. After all, this room is meant to be used for relaxing. Teal and gray living room ideas will meet your needs.

grey room ideas remain popular because they are so versatile. It’s always fun to add some color into the living room, even though neutrals are timeless. There are so many combinations to choose from that it can be difficult to decide on one. If you like the soothing colors of nature, then teal is the color for you.

Teal and gray living room ideas

We’ve compiled a list of ideas that will inspire you to combine teal with grey to create a harmonious living space. You’ll also find tips about other colors that work well with grey.


1. Create contrast with an eye-catching teal sofa

Grey living room with teal velvet sofa and matching armchair

Add a teal sofa to your grey scheme for a more subtle effect than painting the walls. If you are wondering what grey would be best for your living room it is important to remember that the colours will change depending on which surface they’re displayed on. Teal on fabric, however, is more mellow, both in terms of tone and colour. This allows you to be a bit more adventurous with your color choices.

When choosing a color, consider the mood that you want to create. Muted shades are more versatile and can be used to create a more relaxing mood. If you are pairing with a neutral, such as grey, then you can add drama and energy by using deeper and richer hues, according to Kelly Collins, Interior Designer and Head of Creative at SWYFt Home.


2. Grey sofas can be used to ground bold schemes

Bold blue living room with open staircase and grey corner sofa

grey couch living room ideas may seem like a’safe’ choice, but it allows you to make bolder interior choices. Teal is a great colour to use because it can be combined with many other jewel-like colors.

When you want a bold, contrasting look, a deep teal wall looks great with accessories that clash in colour. Add cushions and prints with vibrant pinks, greens and oranges to create a cozier feel.

You can easily change the look of your sofa by simply changing the cushions. This is a much more cost-effective solution than reupholstering it.


3. Start small

Sideboard with canework detailing and abstract artwork

We understand that you like teal but not enough to commit to it on walls or upholstery. If you change your mind, it can be costly. You can still enjoy the benefits of this fashionable colour combination without mixing it in equal quantities.

After you have decided which gray is the best choice for your living room we suggest introducing teal through accessories. They can easily be updated if you change your mind. This is always comforting. You can choose a bold piece like a piece art or a pillow, and then repeat that accent teal somewhere else in the room. You can make it super subtle, like a small detail in your wallpaper.

If you like it, you’ll be more comfortable committing to it in a permanent manner.


4. Create drama with bold wallpaper

Detail shot of a smart grey armchair in front of a bold patterned wallpaper wall

Teal is not only eye-catching, but it also makes a great backdrop for other exotic patterns and colours, as this wallpaper with cheetahs from Lime Lace shows. Teal is a warm, rich colour that can be complemented by coral, mustard and muted pinks. Consider using this color combination with teal.


5. Teal “feature walls” will draw the eye

Teal painted living room wall with smart grey sofa and abstract artwork

Teal can be the focal point of a scheme if you dedicate an entire wall to the color. Then, use grey for the rest of the space. The designer went one step further and painted the skirting boards teal to ensure maximum impact. This technique can be used on any architectural feature, including fireplaces, alcoves or bookcases.


6. Shutters that make a statement

Living room window with teal velvet sofa below and windows dressed in blue shutters

Windows are an excellent way to highlight the colour scheme of a room. Teal can be used to paint shutters or window treatments. The light will bounce off the teal and lift the mood in the room.


7. Play with textures and tones

Corner of a navy living room with wood furniture and grey armchair

grey and blue living room ideas also have cool undertones. There are many ways to warm up the scheme, including adding textures such as wooden panelling, rustic furnishings, woven baskets and rugs, or even wooden panels.

Layering teal with shades of blue and green will give your room depth and dimension. The color green will bring warmth to the room, and natural materials like wood, linen, and weaves can soften it.


8. Add a little spice to your accents

Living room with wall of blue-painted shelving and grey upholstery

The combination of grey and teal shades in a lighter shade works perfectly. It’s a great look, but some people feel that a living space needs more energy. A few fiery accents in red will do the trick. Bright, contrasting accents bring warmth and interest into a neutral scheme by bringing out cool greys and blues.


What color goes with grey and mustard?

Grey living room with cream sofa and yellow and blue accents

Yes, absolutely. A warm color like mustard will bring out the warmer side of teal. Use it sparingly to add a splash of color and break up the design.

Stick to three colours maximum and combine tones, tints and patterns within those shades. Grey and teal should be the dominant colours in the room, but add a few touches of mustard on pillows, lamps, or rugs to bring a sense visual balance.