8 Stylish and practical small outdoor kitchen ideas

It’s a primitive pleasure that brings back memories of childhood campfires. The best chefs will tell you that you don’t require a large space to prepare a gourmet dish. If you have a lot of outdoor space to work with, an open-air kitchen is a great way to transform the mundane task of cooking into savouring meals under the stars or blue skies.

Check out these stylish and functional compact outdoor kitchens.


1. Rooftop Garden Kitchen

The rooftop in Williamsburg features an outdoor kitchen with a grill, refrigerator and sink. The generous rooftop space has luxuries like an outdoor shower, relaxation space, and a projector to watch movies. However, the outdoor kitchen is equipped with the perfect amount of space, equipment, and space for simple cooking.


2. Penthouse Kitchenette

This sleek kitchenette is on the roof of a home that was converted from a grocery distribution center in 1888. It is built into one wall and has sliding glass doors that cover it when it’s not being used. Just outside, against the brick wall, is a grill station.


3. All-Season Outside Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens don’t have to be limited to summer. This dreamy outdoor cooking area in is built around a grill by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. The outdoor kitchen is situated off the family recreation room. Light gray stone blends well with the stainless-steel grill, and makes it look like a part of the natural landscape.


4. The Light and Airy Outdoor Cooking

The quintessential California lifestyle is embodied in this beautiful outdoor kitchen. This corner kitchen features a stove, an oven, a fridge with a glass door, and a sink. Stone, wood and rattan are natural materials that blend seamlessly into the landscape. Dishware, white subway tiles and black-framed window frames add a modern touch. When in use, the accordion windows can be opened all the way to the pool house and terrace. The outdoor seating that faces the kitchen is intimate for casual meals and drinks.


5. Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen

This indoor-outdoor Cabana Kitchen creates a beachy feel that gives the backyard a vacation feeling. Rattan barstools facing the kitchen counter create a comfortable area for seating. The coastal theme is reinforced by a soft white, mint-green, and blue color scheme inside and outside, as well as an ombre surfboard leaned against the side.


6. Screen Porch Kitchen

A small outdoor kitchen on the Screen porch in Prior Lake has a feeling of being outdoors while still being protected from the weather. Plumbing and water connections are easier to install when they’re located on the opposite side of the kitchen.


7. Small Covered Patio Kitchen

The small outdoor kitchen in this backyard is under an umbrella to provide shade and comfort. A sink integrated into the cover allows you to wash vegetables and clean dishes without needing to bring them inside.


8. Poolside Kitchen

A small outdoor kitchen was built on a large, covered patio. It included a grill with a wood-fired oven in a bright yellow color. The peninsula also had a sink and an integrated countertop facing the dining area.