16 Ideas to Add a Hammock To A Room

Hammocks don’t have to be outdoors. You can recreate the feeling of a lazy summer day in a hammock indoors, so you can relax no matter what the season is. You can make your living room feel more fun and relaxed by placing a hammock in the corner or chair. This type of seating is also great for family members of any age.

Check out these images for inspiration if you’re not sure where to place a hammock in your home.

1. Reclaim a Corner

Hang a hammock in a corner of your house if you don’t know how to decorate it. This area is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a hard day, or sipping coffee at the weekend. Add green friends to create a more relaxing atmosphere. This plant table can also be used as a sidetable, for when you want to rest your mug while you relax.


2. Skip the Sofa

A living room couch is nice, but what about a hammock in the living room? It’s better than a sofa! You can use a hammock to relax and watch TV or read without having to confront your neighbors.


3. Look at the Ceiling

Hanging chairs come in a variety of styles. This woven one is perfect for eclectic or boho style spaces. This woven hanging chair is perfect for spaces with an boho or eclectic style, like this one. Why not take advantage of your unique architectural features?


4. Enjoy This Chic Accent Chair Alternative

Why not replace your traditional accent chair with a hanging egg-shaped chair in your living room? This seating is whimsical and fun. We can bet that everyone will want to sit here. This neutral chair has a timeless, cool look.


5. Enhance Your Patio with Style

The egg chair is also at home in the patio. You can hang one and enjoy a little reading perch outside during the warm months.


6. Layer Sheepskin

Place a faux blanket of sheepskin in your hammock to add an extra layer. Imagine curling up in this hammock with a hot cup of cocoa during a chilly winter day.


7. Don’t forget the pillows

Add some personality to your hanging chair by adding a few fun accent pillows. This chair looks bright and inviting.


8. Think Wicker

This living room is given a textural boost by a wicker chair. The sheepskin on the top of this seat is a great way to make it extra comfortable.


9. Add an Ottoman

If you are planning to sit in your chair for a long time, you can place a fuzzy Ottoman under it. The more funkier the style, better.


10. Jazz up Your Office

It’s understandable that working from home at times can feel a little restless. Why not take a call from a hanging chair nearby rather than spending the day at your desk?


11. Make it Temporary

You can disassemble a hammock easily when you want to make room for guests. Simply remove the hooks. We won’t hold it against you if, in the meantime, you want to lie there all day.


12. It’s a Duo

Two hanging chairs is better than one. We can guarantee that everyone will be asking for an invitation if you set up two swings in the playroom or bedroom of a young child. The duo of chairs hanging from the ceiling would look great in a restaurant, bar, or waiting room.


13. Introduce Stylish Seating

Why install two sofas when you can simply hang a hammock in your living area? You can increase your seating capacity while also adding some fun to the space.


14. Hang Some Plants

Place a few hanging plants above your hammock to make it feel as if you are relaxing outside… but without the sunburns, bugs or rain showers.


15. Upgrade Your Bedroom with Sophistication

If your bedroom is spacious enough, you should consider placing an accent chair so that it’s possible to lounge without sitting on the bed. A hanging chair can add a touch of intrigue to your bedroom and is less likely to become a place to dump dirty clothes.


16. Cook With Company

A hanging chair placed near your kitchen allows kids to stay close while you are cooking. This is a great place to have a snack after school.