10 Modern Backyard Ideas to Try This Summer

While a design for outdoor areas may appear intimidating, you can achieve it if you follow the basic design rules.

Modernism is characterized by clean lines, neutral colours, geometric shapes and functional decor. We’ve got some ideas for you on how to incorporate modern into your backyard.

Here are 10 modern ideas for your backyard this summer.

1. Keep furniture to a minimum

This minimalist and super-trendy backyard has just a few functional furnishings that let the landscaping shine. The built-in seating and ambient lighting along the fence create a welcoming space that only needs a few chairs.


2. Square Pavers are the best choice

When it comes to the design of a modern backyard, large square pavers rule. For the look, you can space the pavers slightly apart and then add contrast gravel or sand between them to create a geometric pattern and make the pavers stand out.


3. Add Statement Planters

If you want to create a minimalist and contemporary space, then you don’t need elaborate garden beds. To create a minimalist and contemporary space, you only need a few statement planters with small plants, bushes or flowers.


4. Keep it Black and White

Modern design is best suited to a neutral palette. The classic black and white combination is easy to combine and feels modern. Features mainly white furnishings with pops black to create contrast and drama.


5. Add an Unexpected Pop Of Color

Don’t be afraid of adding a splash of color, especially in a neon or bold shade, to your backyard. This modern poolside design was completed with neon yellow lounge chairs.


6. Try Horizontal Fencing

If you want a modern look, install fence boards horizontally, as this backyard in downtown Toronto did. The result is modern and stylish, as well as unexpected.


7. Keep decor minimal

Avoid cluttering the space with too many accessories and decor pieces. Choose a few functional decor pieces, such as a small herb planter or a fruit dish to complete the design.


8. Choose Low-Seated sofas

Low seating can instantly give a space a contemporary feel. Take a look at the modern outdoor seating designed by this designer. Add a outdoor carpet as well as some shade covers to make this space functional and inviting.


9. Add a Concrete Patio

Concrete patios are perfect for modern design. They have clean lines and minimalism. Choose large slabs of concrete with a smooth surface over intricate and smaller designs. Use furniture and landscaping as a way to add texture and contrast.


10. Use Different Textures and Materials

Even if the furniture and decor is minimal, it’s important to add interest by using different textures and materials. This backyard uses wood, concrete and metal in a strategic way to create visual interest and contrast without feeling cluttered.