10 Floor Ideas for Flooring for small Bathrooms

small bathroom with blue floor tiles

Selecting a stylish, thoughtful and durable floors is vital to create an excellent foundation for every room. It is particularly important in smaller bathrooms that tend to present some tricky issues. Large-ticket things (showers tubs, tubs sinks, toilets, and showers!) and storage requirements tend to be the most talked about but selecting the appropriate material for your flooring is also worth a bit of thought since it can result in a significant impact. Consider this as a helpful warning not to be apathetic about flooring!

If you’re looking for innovative ideas to deal with an unsatisfactory bathroom flooring situation or are about to begin a remodel then you’re at the right spot. With these 10 small bathroom flooring concepts from a variety of designers and you’ll learn the best flooring materials for your bathroom and also getting ideas for decorating and helpful tips.

1. Natural Stone Slab

lucy harris home tour, scarsdale ny bathroom “it’s serene and calming, a respite from wherever you are in life,” harris says tile marble america side table floris wubben, the future perfect art mitch paster fixtures kohler

The tile wall was extended throughout the bathroom to create the same feel and look, which is essential feature for a small bathroom. To achieve the same level of consistency, and while using contrast, you can use identical marble for the bathroom floor. Shower doors made of glass keep it fresh and airy.

2. Wood

wood bathroom with marble shower

The marble and glass shower is a refreshing modern touch in the 1770s rustic Charleston home . The overall eclectic style honors the house’s past with its wood-based foundations. However, by incorporating more modern materials, such as the glass and marble that are used to make the shower, it looks modern and polished.

3. White Painted Wood

small bathroom with white floors

A simple design trick? Use white walls to give them an energizing, bright look. This small, rustic bathroom was given an all-new layer of paint even on the wood flooring. Also, it made the most of the small space by removing the heavy cabinetry and adding a sink that is floating.

4. Natural Stone Tiles

black and white tile flooring in bathroom

One of the best ways to save money without sacrificing your style is to opt for the natural stones instead seamless slabs. Due to their inherent resistance to water natural stone tiles like granite or marble make the ideal flooring option for spaces that are susceptible to saturation, such as the bathroom. The bathroom has white and black stones on the floor and alternate gray marble subway tiles on the shower.

5. Graphic Porcelain Tiles

small red bathroom

The bold pattern was created with floor tiles that are further accentuated by a contemporary pendant in the bathroom.

6. Concrete Poured

small bathroom flooring ideas

On the scale of durability concrete flooring is a top choice particularly when it comes to water resistance. The trendy appearance of concrete is perfect for urban dweller or risk-taker with a contemporary style. It is no longer necessary to pick between shower and tub (or getting cramped in both) installed concrete flooring throughout this bathroom, and added an integral drain to ensure that the bathroom can be used as a wet space.

7. Zellige Tiles

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The small, dusty blue and red zillige tiles and the cheerful cabinetry with tangerine powder coating add the most life to this bathroom . They give a more varied and distinctive appearance due to their unique firing method unlike other tiles made of clay.

8. Vinyl that resembles wood

alison victoria home tour en suite bath “i wanted a real accent wall that wasn’t all paint,” victoria says of the phillip jeffries grasscloth wallcovering hand painted with 24 karat gold a solid bronze doorframe from an old elevator elegantly frames it

To create a bathroom across from the main bedroom the design, the designer made it appear more open and spacious by not putting in doors, and having the same flooring in each connected room. After moving into the loft the concrete floors were stained with a red-orange and she decided to install vinyl plank flooring that looks like wood in the room. It’s a cost-effective alternative to wood and it’s extremely long-lasting (i.e. it’s perfect for bathrooms! ).

9. A Colorful Rug for the Area

small bathroom floor ideas

Choose contrasted copper accents to create a dark and rustic vibe in the powder room. A striking blue rug adds a sense of excitement to the whole room. If you’re not ready to tear up your floors or to play around with colors, you can throw an area rug of an eye-catching color on the flooring, as you can see here.

10. Terra Cotta Tiles

small bathrooms

In this small powder room by the designer, the small shelf transforms an unattractive corner into something stylish and practical. It’s only big enough to hold a handful of cosmetics, or a vase with a bouquet of flowers. Contemporary lighting, accessories and fixtures give the room with modern style, while the original terra-cotta flooring pays homage to its Spanish Revival architectural bones.