Rustic Fire Pits for Every Outdoor Space

They are often the focal point of outdoor areas. People gather around them to enjoy drinks and chat late into the evening. A fire pit can also bring a rustic feel to a space. After all, nothing says “down-home” outdoor style like a crackling woodfire. Keep reading to find out our favorite ideas for a rustic Fire Pit.

1. Bring in some Stumps

Think outside the box when it comes to seating for fire pits. Use hewn stumps or refined ones as seating. Their woodsy appearance will give your outdoor space a camping feel all year round. To prevent rot, add a clear waterproof coating to the stumps.


2. You can build into slopes

A fire pit in the ground along a slope, or raised area of land, is a rustic way to decorate. In-ground firepits can be a great solution to awkward elevation changes. They give your backyard a purpose, and provide you with cozy warmth.


3. Add a Dual-Purpose Fire Pit

Look for a firepit that is suitable for small spaces. For example, a raised fire pit with removable cover above. The small footprint makes it easy to fit anywhere. Its cover can be used as a storage area for snacks and drinks when it is not being used.


4. Consider Your Ground Cover

Don’t forget what you will be placing the fire pit on when adding one to your outdoor space. The excess heat from a fire can burn your beautiful grass, while concrete and brick surfaces may become stained by coals and smoke. Use wood chips or crushed gravel to cover your fire pit area instead.


5. Make it Vertical

The rustic look of a fire pit doesn’t mean it can’t be dramatic. Vertical fire pits are stylish and add visual interest to any space. They also provide a lot of heat.


6. Repurpose other items

A metal basket is a simple way to create a fire pit. If you want to create a rustic atmosphere, choose a large metal dish or basket that looks industrial or worn. Make sure the item can be heated safely before lighting any fires.


7. Convert existing features

Converting an old outdoor oven or wall stove into a firepit is a great option for a built-in solution. It works best if your stove is vintage, because the fire pit will have a more rustic and down-to earth feel.


8. They are a great addition to busy spaces

The rustic fire pits tend to be simple and minimalist. They’re a great addition to outdoor spaces that are already busy, whether they contain seating, succulent gardens or beds of vegetables.


9. Use Rust Colored Fire Pits

A fire pit in rust color will give your outdoor area a cozy and used feel. You can complete the experience with a rocking chair, a hot drink, and some cozy blankets.


10. Outdoor Fireplaces: Try One Out

Want an outdoor firepit look that is a little more structured? You can have an fireplace that is more enclosed for safety or just because you prefer it.


11. Get Rectangular

Spread the warmth! A rectangular fire pit will provide more heat than one that is circular. It will make a great outdoor addition to a bench or sofa.


12. You Can Use Your Furniture

Furniture that surrounds a fire pit can be used to create a rustic feel. Adirondack chair or wooden swings are classic and simple seating options that will add an Americana and rustic touch to your outdoor area.


13. Add a Few Plants

Want to add some style to your rustic firepit? Bring in some evergreens to add a touch of green. For the best effect, place them between chairs or flanking seating. Be sure to choose plants that are suitable for your climate.


14. Try Prefab

Prefabricated outdoor fire places are another way to heat up your outdoor area. Prefab fireplaces have a more midcentury modern look. Choose furniture that has a down to earth and farmhouse feel.


15. Go Vintage

A vintage fire pit, or an outdoor fireplace with an old-world feel, adds character and rustic charm like no other. The clay and tile fireplace is a great addition to the outdoor space. If you want a similar effect, choose a terracotta fire pit instead of a metal one.