10 Bunk Bed Ideas to Make Your Home Stylish Sleepovers

When you’re preparing an area for sharing with siblings or you want to design an ideal sleepover-friendly space for your best guests and relatives visiting Bunk beds are a great way to make floor space available for playing and can make sharing a lot more enjoyable.

The rooms for kids from an array of interior designers showcase the possibilities of making use of bunk beds with a variety of designs, sizes and configurations to create a space to create memories of childhood that are as simple and practical as well as fun and whimsical as you’d prefer.

1. Pink and Green

This teen-friendly room features a vibrant palette of green and pink featuring bunk beds which make use of the tall ceilings, making room for a hanging chair as well as plenty of wide floor space. They are adorned with matching bedding that is stylish enough for more mature kids offering a fully-stocked bed for guests, or an extra space to relax.

2. Zen

This shared boys ‘ room is minimalist and has a white and light wood beds that give each siblings their own space but still maintains the overall peaceful atmosphere of the space.

3. Pink Boho Style

The gorgeous boho-style bedroom is decorated with powder pink walls. It also has the bunk beds made of plywood which are ideal for sleepovers.

4. Surf’s Up

The bunk beds inspired by the surf shack in this charming beach-themed children’s bedroom by Hamsa Home run all the way to the wallpapered ceiling.

5. Loft Bunk

A free-form bunk bed layout with a contemporary loft bed, accessible via an incline, and putting an additional bed under the loft, which gives the space for sleeping an almost fort-like feeling.

6. Awful

This fun kids’ room comes with an eerie blue tree that grows to the ceiling, freestanding bunk beds, with one trundle bed on the bottom, which sleeps three.

7. Seeing Double

The kids’ room is big enough for two sets bunk beds which maximize vertical space and allow plenty of room for the floor to play on.

8. Custom

The bunk bed built to order cubbies of this fun kids ‘ room is designed for enjoyment and sharing.

9. Nautical

Freestanding bunk beds that are tucked away in corners of the room with a nautical theme are white-painted and fade to the side, focusing on the bedding with sailor stripes and illustrations of sailboat wallpaper.

10. Pink

The bedroom that is a shade of pink comes with a freestanding bunk bed that is accessible via an escalator that makes it simple to access.