10 Cute Kid’s Playroom Ideas and Themes

The idea of creating a space in which kids can pursue their interests as well as let their creativity go wild can be a blessing for parents and children alike. If you’re looking to build an vibrant room filled with toys equipment, games, and other items or even a room that serves as a dual purpose that has lots to storage that parents can use when the kids are asleep bed, you can transform everything from the main floor alcove or an completed basement or attic into a playroom children can get lost in for long hours.

Explore these elegant, cheerful playrooms designed for children with all kinds of ages and tastes which will motivate you to provide your children with a an area to play in and bring back the delights of childhood while you’re playing.


This trendy and cozy playroom is fashionable enough for children of all ages, thanks to the leather sofa in cognac, Moroccan style rug, industrial style chairs, as well as wallpaper that looks like a giant chalkboard.

2. Alcove

The Park Slope, Brooklyn townhouse by Elizabeth Roberts Architects The spacious playroom has built-in shelving for toys and books as well as a wall-mounted chalkboard as well as plenty of space for kids to have room to play.

3.Green Wall

Has brought the outdoors indoors with the playroom, which has fake green walls as well as an outdoor swing that’s ideal for rainy days.

4.Boho Style

The playroom is awash in muted hues, with storage built to order, and boho style accents such as miniature rattan chairs around a table.


This large playroom features open storage as well as a table that can be used for drawing and playing, and a lot of comfortable furniture to play around or relaxing.


A rattan swing hanging from the ceiling is the main attraction of this attic playroom by Mel Bean Interiors that is covered all the way from ceiling to floor carpet and shiplap for a comfy place to rest for children.

7.Music Room

The playroom Home is equipped to play music and ball, which is perfect for children of older age who like to be active and create noise.


A bright and vibrant wallpaper sets the mood for this playroom .

9.Attic Getaway

This attic-like playroom by Emily Henderson Design is illuminated by a skylight and stuffed with toys that will allow children to have fun for many hours.

10.Wall Stripes

Paint colors, furniture as well as art and décor give this basement playroom an air of fun.