How to Remove Fruit Flies from the Bathroom

Bathrooms are places for relaxation, self-care, and a way to de-stress. However, they can also turn out to be the place in which tiny flies gather such as fruit flies, drain flies and the fungus insects. What tiny flies are experiencing in your bathroom and what do you need to do to eliminate them quickly?

If you believe that fruit flies are circling your bathroom, here are a few easy and natural steps to help make your bathroom fly-free for good 


What do the fruit Flies in your Bathroom Have a Look?

Fruit bugs in the bathroom can cause distress, particularly in the event that they aren’t going away! The primary issue? Fruit flies are tiny, that it is difficult to differentiate them from other flies with tiny bodies and drain flies, particularly and the fungus the gnat. The question is what is it exactlydo these fruit fly larvae that are in your bathroom appear like? This is a crucial issue because different types of flies require different methods of controlling.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are tiny, grey and tan insects that have tiny wings and eyes that are reddish. Fruit flies aren’t aggressive or bite, however they can be extremely irritating, particularly when they’re causing trouble. Fruit flies are usually connected with fermentation. They are attracted by things such as:

  • Food items that are rotting and rotting
  • fermented beverages like kombucha and wine
  • products that contain vinegar (especially vinegars made from fruit)
  • Other items that are fermented include soy sauce, for example.

Based on what they prefer to consume Fruit flies are usually located in the kitchen, but they can sometimes they appear in bathrooms, particularly in the event that the amount of fruit flies living in the kitchen is large or something within the bathroom is drawing the flies. 

Drain Flies

Drain Flies Drain fliesare common in bathrooms. They are, unfortunately, small. They are so small that comparing them to fruit flies or gnats can be easy, unless you are able to get close-up views.

For appearance, the drain flies are tiny, moth-like bugs. They have tiny hearts-shaped wings, a powdery texture and a feathery, fluffy antennae. Based on the description of them, they seem cute until they arrive and start fluttering through your bathroom in a dozen throughout the day.

Drain flies love the scum, which is organic matter that has been rotting in our drains. They don’t just consume, but also deposit eggs in. The bathroom is the ideal spot for soapy scum accumulate in drains. Cleaning the drains on a regular basis is crucial to prevent the flies from draining.

Water leaks may also trigger drainage issues. So look beneath the sink and behind the toilet and inside the crawlspace to make sure there isn’t any standing water that is causing them to remain around. 

Fungus Gnats

Gnats of Fungus are not actually a fly however, they can fly and frequently infesting the inside of houses, especially those with plants in the house.

Fungus gnats, fruit fly and drain flies are frequently confused due to their tiny sizes however, close-up the fungus gnats appear than tiny insects. They don’t bite however, they prefer moist places and particularly love plants in the house.

The fungus gnat eats organic material that is rotting in the soil. Although they’re typically found in the dirt outdoors however, they can be an issue all year round in homes that have house plants. In the event that you do not have plants in your bathroom but you have them elsewhere around your house, you may often find the presence of fungus gnats near the bathroom window. 

3 Methods to get rid of Fruit Flies and other Flies inside Your Bathroom

In general, controlling fly infestations is all about reducing the potential for feeding and breeding sources in order to keep flies out. But when it comes to keeping tiny fruit flies from your bathroom, it is important to know which insect you’re dealing you know which areas you should target when attempting to control the problem.

Here are some suggestions for reducing fruit fly infestations, drain flies, as well as Fungus gnats in your home to ensure your bathroom is clean and free of Flies!

Begin in the Kitchen to take on Fruit Flies

Fruit flies may wander into the bathroom, but they usually begin in the kitchen where they discover food that is fermenting and rotting.

Fruit flies are typically brought in on fruits and vegetables purchased at the supermarket. Fruit flies are more at risk of bringing home sweet fruits like melons and pineapples. If you take a close look at the fruit’s skin and you are able to see the skin, you may even be able to see tiny little white eggs of flies.

It is essential to take care of the potential attractants if wish to rid yourself of fruit flies that are infesting your kitchen and bathroom. This includes:

  • If your kitchen has compost in it, be sure that it is emptied out on a regular basis and that the container has a lid that seals
  • Keep your kitchen drains clean, including your garbage disposal
  • Wash, peel and chop fruits and put it in the refrigerator as soon as it is
  • Make sure to keep soy sauce and vinegar in sealed bottles that have tight caps or seals
  • Make sure you ensure that food scraps are cleaned from the sink and counters.

Eliminating fruit flies from the kitchen will mean they’ll stop entering the bathroom too.


If you’ve cleaned possible sources but you’re still encountering fruit flies, then you can create an trap for fruit flies to decrease the number quicker.

Make sure to clean your drains regularly

Clean drains are essential for managing small flies, such as fruit flies or drain flies.

In your kitchen drains fruit flies can be found in food scum as well as rotting organic matter. Drain flies feed on slime as well as scum, and then lay eggs, reproducing quickly and generally causing annoyance. They are commonly found in laundry rooms and bathrooms however they can also be found in kitchens, particularly when there’s a leaky plumbing under your sink. They can also be found behind dishwashers.

To wash your drains make use of a firm cleaning brush, such as the toilet or drain brush, paired with a drain cleaning product and give them a thorough scrub. If you integrate this into your daily cleaning routine, the drain bugs will not be able to resist staying within your home!

Decorate your home with sand

If Fungus gnats are responsible for the small party that is settling in your bathroom It’s an ideal time for you to give your plants some love…or absence of.

Overwatering the soil of your houseplant could trigger the growth of fungus gnats. Therefore, be sure to let the soil dry in between irrigations. It is possible to even flip the top inch of soil and let it to dry out which can dry out any eggs of fungus gnats.

You could also add an adsorbent layer of sand over the soil in your garden that will let the water be able to drain more efficiently and also protecting the soil beneath from annoying fungus gnats as well as their eggs.


The signs of an Fruit Fly Infestation

If you notice fruit flies popping within your bathrooms, it could indicate that there could be a problem brewing in the other. Fruit flies aren’t the usual choice to make their home in bathrooms and so you should investigate the issue starting in the kitchen and places where you eat or drink.

Sometimes fruit flies can be complicated, since they can appear in the most clean kitchens. In the event that your home is remarkably tidy and yet you’re still battling fruit flies, you need to think outside the box.

Visit the following websites for feeding and breeding locations:

  • The rubber’s bottom garbage disposal flange
  • The garbage at the bottom can
  • Food waste that is old, such as dirty cups and dishes
  • The compost bin

Be aware that tiny flies in your bathroom aren’t always indicative of fruit insects. It is possible that you are experiencing drain flies, or fungus gnats, depending on the type of houseplant you have.


What is the reason for fruit Flies within the Bathroom?

Fruit flies that are in the bathroom suggest that something is that is fermenting in the vicinity. Bathrooms don’t supply fruit flies with the food they require to survive, however when there’s a major fruit fly problem in the kitchen, or if some other thing nearby draws them, they may enter the bathroom.

A leftover cup of the tea you love and the spits from strawberries you enjoyed to snack on are enough to draw the attention of fruit flies when placed out. You can forget about them for a few weeks and they’ll feed and produce eggs. After that, it’s just an issue of time until they go to the bathroom.

Remember that drain flies can be mistaken with fruit flies all the time. They are a common in bathrooms and are a nuisance. They feed on decaying organic matter, which includes drainage slime or damp wood that leaks in unidentified ways. Regularly cleaning the drains and fixing moisture issues could aid in eliminating drain insects.


How to keep Fruit Flies out of the Bathroom

To keep fruit flies away from the bathroom, begin by making sure they are not in the kitchen. Wash, cut and then put it away as soon as you can after taking it home so that it doesn’t end up in the kitchen counter long. Also, make sure your counters and sinks are clean of food waste and dishes.

If the “fruit flies” that you’re seeing actually drain flies, then you’ll have to wash your drains as well as address any issues with moisture like leaky sink pipes and standing water in your crawlspace.

Also, make sure your plants aren’t overwatered and that the soil drains properly in case you be greeted with fungus and gnats in your.


  • What is the source of fruit flies that the bathroom originate?

    Fruit flies in bathrooms probably came in from the kitchen, however you could be seeing drain flies, a different tiny pest that’s frequent in bathrooms. They feed on eggs that are laid in the scum which builds over your drains.

  • Fruit flies in the bathroom disappear by themselves?

    If you’re facing fruit flies, or any other small flies, they’re likely to not go away by themselves. The root of the problem must be identified and dealt with in order for the flies to disappear. Traps are a great way to reduce the population visible however, in the long run, if the source persists present, the flies will as well.

  • Why do I have fruit flies living inside my shower?

    You may have flies in your bathroom because there’s something drawing them into the area. If they’re fruit flies they’re probably suffering from fermenting or food-related rot in the vicinity. If they’re flies that drain, they’re probably coming from drains. If they’re fungus-gnats, they may be reproducing in the soil around your plants.