18 Fresh Ideas to Use Subway Tiles within Your Bathroom

bathroom subway tile ideas

Subway tile is a classic but a very good one. It’s been in use since 1904 the year it was designed for the notoriously spotless public transportation system. (Thus its name.) The characteristics that made it an ideal choice to train stations–easy clean-up and an easy-to-clean design, a cost-effective cost and a timeless and versatile design– quickly gained it the status of a cult the ideal style for bathrooms. option too. It’s been more than 100 years and nothing has changed. We are still in love with finding new ideas for bathroom subway tiles.

A bathroom with subway tiles is nostalgic, but also extremely practical and extremely simple to upgrade. It is possible to run bonded rows of regular white ceramic 3-by-6-inch rectangles are always a good idea, but it’s only the beginning. It is possible to choose the tiles that are thin or large or a vibrant color or a luxurious stone such as marble. It is also possible to be creative in the way you apply the tiles – horizontal rows, clean stacks, diagonal lines or basketweave or herringbone patterns. You can also decide the grout you choose blends into or is distinct. Also, a bathroom remodel could be as easy as changing a hue of paint, and wallpaper design.

To celebrate this trend that will not fade away and we’re sharing the top subway tile bathroom ideas you can get for your main bathroom or guest bathroom.

1. Maintain It Classic

white subway tile bathroom

A wall of tiles in an alternating bond pattern like this bathroom , is as timeless as they come. It can be adapted to different designs as fashions are introduced and the style evolves.

2. Secure the Splash Zones

bathroom subway tile backsplash

The floor’s playful penny tile is textured to help avoid slips, and the easy-to-clean marbled slabs and subway tile are used to cover the splash zones. The playful wallpaper is far from harm’s way.

3. Contrasts With the Floor

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What is a more chic combination than black and white? This chic subway tile wall with matching grout makes the perfect complement to the frame of the shower and penny tile flooring.

4. Choose Marble Tile

gold bath tub in pink bathroom

This is evidence that marble looks stunning regardless of how the tiles are cut.  Café curtains are a great way to keep your privacy while letting in a gentle light.

5. Then Stack It Vertically

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A neat stack pattern can be a great alternative to the traditional running bond. Vertically laying subway tiles creates the illusion of height. In this case, created a jewel box by paving all surface (except on the floors) with pink bubblegum.

6. Pick a Bright Color

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A bright yellow block of tiles that are framed with cream make a splash in the bathroom conceived in the style . We love how it is large with the pendant lights as well.

7. Tone It Down

gray tiled bathroom

The subway tiles in this bathroom created Studio are smoky and cool. They’re also mysterious. They’re accented by walls of mirror tiles foxed that creates a bigger and more exciting.

8. Imagine an artist

abstract black and white bathroom tiles

Inspired by the family’s passion for artwork, this bathroom is the perfect combination of patterns, textures and colors. Simple subway tile complements the floor’s high impact. We found that this floor tile is very much like the way an artist works.

9. Let the Statement Tub Shine

copper bathtub and floral wallpaper

The classic, farmhouse-style subway tile shine is the perfect background for a stunning copper tub. This design  is just too gorgeous to leave. The time to get ready has been made at minimum 15 minutes longer.

10. Make use of for a Dark Grout

shower subway tiles 

For a more geometric appearance take a break from the typical gray grout. The black grout used in this bathroom in the Studio/Lifestyle style makes the white tiles pop, and is guaranteed to never appear dirty.

11. Test the Inverse

black subway tile ideas

For a more modern look you can try a mix of white and black grout, such as in this bathroom design . It’s more moody and offers an even more striking contrast.

12. Think Neutral Grout

grout ideas for bathroom subway tiles

The neutral grout color can be a striking choice (and conceal grime and wear) equally as darker grout can. It also highlights earth tones. In this bathroom,warm grout is a reflection of the blush-colored fabrics and brass-colored finishes.

13. Soothe Your Skin With Soft Colors

sage subway tile bathroom

Sage subway tiles in an elegant grid seems soothing. It will encourage you to decorate your bathroom with earthy elements like art, ornamental objects, and even flowers. We love the way that the long ledge of the bathroom created . It is possible to copy it using shelves as soon as you can.

14. Pathway Pave Pathway

black and white subway tile bathroom

A small bathroom? Not a problem. Let everyone be captivated by the most stunning shower, by covering your floors and walls with patterns that complement each other.  luxurious toile wallpaper and geometric tiles mix wonderfully.

15. Think Pink

pink and lavender bathroom

When you’ve lifted your jaw off your floor, tiles with graphic patterns on the walls contrast beautifully with the beautiful leaf pattern in the flooring.

16. Introduction Texture

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Subway tile doesn’t need to be perfect smooth, it may have a rough hand-made texture. In this bathroom , it’s an interesting but not distracting background for the marble with a purple veined as well as sky-blue paint and yellow floor tiles.

17. Set a Retro Record

eclectic colorful subway tile bathroom

Bring back your days of stress and night-club booze with inspiration from this cool (and likely to be attainable)  bathroom. Aqua subway tiles make an elegant style statement that is perfect for those who love to rebel. In lieu of paying a tiny sum on wallpaper, you can create your own.

18. Determine the right angle

bathroom subway tile layouts

Herringbone is another well-known subway tile design. This Studio Life/Style area proves it can be as timeless and elegant as a repeated bond composition when it is executed in neutral shades.