How to Correct Bad Bathroom Locations for Feng Shui

When people are introduced to the concept of feng shui it is common for them to be worried about the layout the bathroom is located. It’s a thing to consider as well, and there are some places that aren’t the best for bathrooms, which will be discussed during this piece. It can be useful to take a more expansive view, and not look at your bathroom in fear.

Before we can discuss the specifics of which bathroom areas aren’t optimal It is important to understand why bathrooms are considered difficult according to feng Shui. In the past bathrooms were considered to be a source where people could get sick and unclean. It was not a good idea to have the bathroom, or the location where you disposed of bathroom waste close to your home. When feng Shui was developed bathrooms, they were not the contemporary and spa-like, sparkling clean spaces that they are nowadays.

Another reason to consider the position of bathrooms within a house is that there is plenty of water that flows out and in to the bathrooms. According to feng shui it is believed that the the element of water is associated with your prosperity and the way energy is absorbed by you. This is why it is sensible to pay attention to areas of your house that have drains in areas where water could leak.

With all this being said, it’s vital not to be afraid about a specific bathroom. It is essential to have a bathroom in your house! It’s a very practical aspect of modern houses and bathrooms are spaces of relaxation and refreshment. A relaxing bath or shower can be energizing and rejuvenating.

Now you’ve got a bit more insight into feng Shui and bathrooms, here’s a list of bathroom areas which aren’t quite ideal, and ways to address these areas.

The bathroom is located inside the Wealth Area

The wealth zone is a hot topic in the field of Feng Shui. In feng shui, you have a thing known as”the bagua map. If you place the bagua, the energy chart, on the floorplan, it will help you find out where the wealth region is within your home. The most straightforward way to locate your wealth’s corner is to stand at the front of your home, looking toward the center. You can then find the left-hand corner. This is your wealth zone. If your bathroom is located in this area of your home there is a bathroom within the wealth region.

This isn’t the best location, since you don’t want your the wealth disappearing. An easy method to counterbalance the water energy that is draining in this situation is to put the plant in this particular corner of your house. If your bathroom is situated in one corner of the house there is windows with sunlight that allows the plant to flourish. The plant will be able to absorb the rain and turn it into positive Qi, not one that drains away. In addition, the wealth region is connected to the wood element that is further boosted by the living green plant.

Bathroom Directly in Front of the Front Door

A bathroom that is directly in front of to the home’s front entrance signifies that when you enter your home, the bathroom will be one of the first things you notice. When it comes to feng shui, you must take note of what you notice and feel inside your home, particularly when it comes with the door in front. It is considered to be the mouth of qi. This means that it is where energy is introduced into your home. When the very first thing that you notice as you enter your house is the bathroom area, this may result in illness or the need to use the bathroom frequently. In the ideal scenario, you wouldn’t need to have a bathroom in this place however, if you’re in a position to remodel and move the bathroom, an easy solution is to install a mirror outside of the doorway to the bathroom. This will effectively remove the bathroom and reduce the potential negative impact.

Bathroom located in the Center of the Home

The home’s center is a key factor in the health and well-being of everyone within the home and of the house it self. The area in the center is significant because it’s the middle of the bagua as well as the heart of your existence. If you’ve got bathrooms in the center of your house, you’ll need to rectify it. One easy way to make a bathroom appear balanced located in the middle of your house is to put a mirror exterior of the door to the bathroom to remove the bathroom from this section in your house. Another option is to paint it with the colour green or blue to highlight an element of timber element.

The bathroom within the Relationship Area

Another bathroom area worth noticing is the relationship part of the bagua. The corner that is your relationship with your home by standing at the front door of your house and to look in. The right-hand corner is the area where you are in a relationship.

This space is connected to the relationships you have with your most important people as well as your feminine side and self-love. Bathrooms in this space isn’t the best, but there are ways that to get the most benefit from this location. It is one of the best places to put your bathroom because the gua has a connection to earth elements which is able to absorb the waste products from the bathroom, similar to how the earth can be used to compost organic waste. In addition, by putting the living plant in this space can assist in helping to grow more and turn that water’s downward energy into positive life energy.

General Tips to Enhance Your Feng Shui of Bathrooms

If you’re concerned about your bathroom draining There are a few methods to deal with it regardless of where the bathroom is located. The first is to put an image of the ceiling over the toilet to raise the Qi. Then, you should close the door to the bathroom always to keep that energy from entering any other rooms in your house. Also, ensure that you keep the bathroom in good in good order and ensure it is clean, fresh and neat.