Hardwood, Vinyl and Other Kitchen Flooring

When you shop for Kitchen Flooring, it is common to be given samples and photos of the different materials. However, they are often presented without the context of a room or any design or decorative elements that could help you make a decision. You need to see the material in a real room to get an idea of how it will look. This photo gallery shows how different flooring options look in various kitchen decor schemes. It also illustrates the variety of material choices.

1. Golden Teak Hardwood

The golden teak hardwood flooring in this kitchen extends from the kitchen to the dining room, creating a sense cohesion. The Treyburn cabinets and bamboo quartz granite counters create a contemporary, sleek room.

2. Dark Walnut Hardwood

Another kitchen with hardwood flooring. The effect is very different. The floor is a rich, dark walnut shade, giving the room an understated, smoky sense of authority and dignity. The use of formal accessories, such as the steel vent for the oven and the scrollwork barstools in the breakfast nook is possible. The abundance of lighting will lighten up the entire area.

3. Octagonal Cork tiles

The cork flooring is characterized by a whimsical feel that you can sense as soon as your foot hits the floor. This kitchen has used bright pastels to create an almost magical room. This playful atmosphere is accentuated by the use of octagonal-cut natural Cork tiles.

4. Modern Cork Flooring

This kitchen shows a new side to cork flooring. It has been given a uniform, dark and smoky appearance. The cork flooring is paired with steel and cream elements, and the dark oak cabinets are a contrast. The result is a dramatic, austere style that eliminates the inherent charm of the materials.

5. Vertical Bamboo Flooring

This image shows the many beautiful patterns that can be achieved with vertically-cut bamboo floors. This creates visual interest throughout the kitchen, while also contrasting sharply with dark undertones in the hardwood cabinetry that surrounds the area. The polished gray granite counters continue the decorative aesthetic.

6. Whitewashed brick floor

A lovely country rustic kitchen design features a whitewashed floor that creates a faded and aged look. White cabinets and drawers add to the shabby chic appeal of this space. Granite with light gray speckles tops the entire space, while small accents add color and style.

7. Herringbone Brick

This image shows that brick floor is not always associated with rustic designs. It can also be elegant, as seen in this beautiful golden-toned home with a sleek, herringbone brick floor. The detailed woodwork on the cabinets and drawers elevates this kitchen to a whole new level of sophistication.

8. Faux Stone Vinyl Tiles

This kitchen uses vinyl tile that have been cut to 16-inch squares. They are printed with a faux stone surface that is mottled and mimics natural slate. The grout lines are real to give the look of a natural stone. The rustic beauty is paired with reclaimed wood furnishings to create an elegant, casual space.