Bedroom Renovation Ideas That Pay Off

The benefits of a bedroom remodel are numerous. Bedroom remodels are much easier and less invasive than kitchens, or baths. There are no pipes or large appliances that need to be purchased and installed. While you may want to add a few lights, bedrooms are about paint, fabrics and window treatments.

bedroom remodeling is another great way to get a positive return on investment. The initial cost of building a new bedroom or addition is usually too high to get a good return. renovating and redecorating a space that already exists is much cheaper and quicker. There’s a good reason why home stagers spend so much time on making the bedrooms look perfect. Along with the kitchen the bedroom is a personal and intimate space for most buyers.

1. Transform a bedroom into a primary suite

It is expensive to carve out land in order to expand the footprint of your home. This is because a new foundation, wall, roofing and other elements are needed. It is much less expensive to convert your existing bedroom into the primary bedroom. However, it can be a very rewarding project. Where do you find the space to do this?

We created a primary apartment without laying a single square inch of foundation. We did this by merging a hallway and two bedrooms into one large area. The result is an amazing living-sleeping space on the top floor that is bright and luminous during the day but cozy and remote at night.

2. Improve Bedroom Mood with Lighting

Most homeowners are focused on the kitchen or bathroom lighting. Bedroom Lighting is often overlooked, with a switch-controlled ceiling lamp and a lamp placed on a nightstand.

Instead of focusing on a single light source, consider a combination. Start with the ceiling light. A switch-controlled light will be required by code. Replace the old shade with an eye-catching, funky new shade. Or, adorn your high ceiling bedroom with a chandelier or oversized shade.

Rewire the wall behind your bed to create space-saving wall sconces for reading in bed. When you’re finished reading, put the bedside scones onto a dimmer.

Retro track lighting is perfect for bedrooms with a contemporary style. Track Lighting allows you to move the fixtures up and down the track, as well as to swivel the fixtures to the ideal position.

3. Improve Bedroom Comfort with New Flooring

Bedroom flooring should convey a sense warmth, safety and coziness. Ceramic tile is only recommended in areas with high humidity. Think about soft flooring that is friendly to barefooted people, such as wall-towall carpeting, or an area rug, over wood or laminate.

Engineered wood floors, a hybrid of dimensionally-stable plywood and a hardwood laminate, can be installed beneath radiant heat coils that soothe your feet. Wide plank flooring in solid hardwood, laminate or engineered wood adds a dramatic air of grandeur to any bedroom.

For warmth and comfort, wall-to-wall flooring options include carpeting, wood flooring or laminate flooring with area rug, and cork.

A vinyl plank is another popular option for bedroom flooring. Vinyl has traditionally been a thin and cold material that is best suited for bathrooms or kitchens. Vinyl planks with a solid core are thicker and feel warmer. Plus, it is more friendly to barefoot than ever before. Some vinyl plank floors have a deep embossed surface that gives them the appearance and feel of real hardwood.

Quality bedroom flooring is the key to a relaxing evening in bed and a deep, restful night’s sleep. Good bedroom flooring is highly valued by home buyers, but you should also make sure it works for .

4. Add Character to a Bedroom

Do you want to give your bedroom character? Bedrooms with a strong personality are more appealing to adults. While children’s bedrooms tend to be overtly themed, bedrooms that have a nuanced personality will turn heads . Most bedrooms can be transformed with a simple touch.

It is easy to create a tropical bedroom by adding a ceiling-mounted fan, a bamboo window shade, and a canopy bed. Keep it simple and elegant with pillows and plants for a sophisticated island theme.

shabby-chic is another popular bedroom style. Tuscan and Hollywood Regency are also popular. It’s much easier and cheaper to follow the latest trends in bedrooms than it is to do so in expensive rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Keep it simple by sticking to tried-and true favorite bedroom designs.

5. Paint a New Color Scheme for Your Bedroom

It can be frustrating to follow color trends, as they may not always match the colors you love. What should you do now?

If you are painting the interior of a new home or one that won’t be sold for several years, choose a color that speaks to you. You shouldn’t paint your bedroom a particular color for the sake or a future sale. The easiest rooms to paint are bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms and living rooms.

If you’re planning a sale, consider using the newest color trends to paint your bedroom . This is a simple, low-cost task that can be completed in a few days.

If you don’t like to follow color trends, opt for darker, more relaxing shades in large bedrooms. Light color schemes with pastels, grays or neutrals can make small bedrooms appear larger.

resulting in a minimalist Scandinavian-inspired bedroom. This bedroom can easily adapt to any style thanks to its new wall colour.